Man Will Never Be Free

by Asketia

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released June 24, 2016

Jari Ala-Kahrakuusi: Drums
Adicus Ryan Garton: Bass
Miikka Harri: Vocals
Juuso Kekkonen: Guitars, vocals
Jukka Siltala: Guitars

Lyrics by Juuso Kekkonen

Logo and artwork by Miikka Harri
Additional design by Adicus Ryan Garton

Recorded by Asketia in Rovaniemi, Finland
Mixed by Adicus Ryan Garton



all rights reserved


Asketia Rovaniemi, Finland

Asketia is a heavy-metal band. That plays music. Yes, that's right, music! Founded somewhere in August 2011 by some dudes from northern Finland.

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Track Name: Blindspot
Disfiguring true justice
This farce has gathered once again
Hooded men with masks and guns
Order of the blind preserved

They took our teeth away
They ripped out our nails
They're in for the same service
Eye for an eye

Evidence is clear
Our lies are truth
Wictim is the guilty
Prosecution rests

Just turn your back
Conjecture is clear
Let blindness grow
Our version the truth
Feel the whip crack
Victim shall be slain
Let the red flow
Persecution rests

My dear brothers
Don't we deserve to see
Beyond the golden veil
The smoke and mirrors abound
360 degrees
of accepted blindness
The runaway politics
of sociopathic greed

Just turn your back
Conjecture is clear

They own our culture
They own our minds
They are so white-washed
We are so brainwashed

Just turn again
Conjecture is clear
Open your eyes
Our version the truth
Let the whip crack
Victim shall be slain
Now they'll be next
Persecution rests
Track Name: Artifact
I was born wrong
with the wrong chromosome
There's too many
of use here already
Raised carelessly
to give less care
Cultivated for
aggression culture

I'm the source for
all things oppressing
I'm the mindset for
all things unequal
I'm a tool and a
weapon of war
Failure that is
counted on
Vehicle for
physical dominance
I run on
power and sex

I'm an artifact left in the past
An outdone relic that shall not last
What I have to give is no longer needed
To my fate I'm simply conceded
My future does not exist
I'm soon to be extinct
No longer have I, but one choice
Die with a whimper or die in flames

Time has faded
obsession of conquest
My skills and genes
are all useless
I can't kill
can't hunt, can't breed
Can't find my
reason for being
My role now
I belong
in an obituary

I'm an artifact left in the past
Track Name: Divine
To gild refined gold
I paint the world anew
You can't deny me
I hear the word of snakes

What I offer you
This drink you can't refuse
My poison in your veins
Asphyxiates your brain

Form divine
The heaven here awaits
Hear my lies
For you it's just the gates
Sex is god
The hell lies within
I do gorge
Retake the fruits of sin

Your body and your flesh
It is mine to command
Stab yourself in the face
Bleed out your ugliness

Your freedom now deformed
My lies are now complete
Total control for my god
I drink my wine from your skull


Form divine
The heaven here awaits
Track Name: Nameless
It feels like forever
has come to pass
Time is now meaningless
My search eternal
to unbreak my curse
Who am I

I travel these planes
only with my shadow
Company I don't keep
for I bring pain
My sin is mine to bear
My bones mine to drag

Why have I woken here?
I am nameless
Her hair wound on my arm
What was her name?
The sign of torment
I bear unknowing
My past is an endless stream
of blank dead stares

Many fools have loved me
Even more hated me
None more than the witch
my lovely pride, my curse
My fate has been foretold
Yet I know not hope

Why have I woken here?
I am nameless

The circle now complete
My place in hell reclaimed
Forever bound to unlife
Her ghost whispers my name